Explore the Rich Mythology of Poseidon

The Mythical Setting of Sounio

At Cape Sounion, delve into the enchanting Temple of Poseidon, a sacred sanctuary nestled in Attica. Uncover the ancient borough of Sounion, once belonging to the Leontida race, and immerse yourself in the captivating myths surrounding the God Poseidon.

Unparalleled Privacy and Opulence

Closer to Happiness – Luxury Redefined

Embark on a journey of luxury and exclusivity at “Villa Sounion.” This heaven of tranquility, situated on the hilltop of Pountazeza, offers personalized service and lavish surroundings, redefining the meaning of luxury in Sounio.

Spectacular Bay of Pountazeza

Unveiling the Enchanting Views

From the villa’s garden, treat yourself to breathtaking views of the Bay of Pountazeza, Lavreotiki’s coast, and the majestic mountains. Each glance promises serenity, ensuring an unforgettable stay immersed in the beauty of Sounio.

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Ensuite Bedroom - 15 m2

Retreat to Your Private Sanctuary

Indulge in the privacy of a 15m2 ensuite bedroom, complete with a double bed, optional baby cot, balcony, and direct sea view. This intimate space is designed for your utmost comfort and relaxation.

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Bedroom 2 - 11 m2

Serene Comfort in Every Detail

Discover Bedroom 2, offering 11m2 of comfort with a double bed and a serene garden view. Immerse yourself in tranquility within your private heaven designed for relaxation.

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Bedroom 3 - 12 m2

Luxury and Scenic Views

Experience coastal elegance in Bedroom 3, featuring 12m2 of luxury with a double bed, balcony, and direct sea view. Let the beauty of Sounio unfold around you as you revel in opulence.

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Bedroom 4 - 10 m2

Adaptable Retreat for All

Experience versatility in Bedroom 4, providing 10m2 of space with two single beds, a balcony, and views of the pool area. This room is a perfect retreat for a variety of guest preferences.

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Kitchen Area - 60 m2

Gourmet Experiences with a View

Indulge your culinary desires in the fully equipped 60m2 kitchen area. Enjoy meals surrounded by the beauty of both the garden and the mesmerizing sea, creating a feast for your senses.

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Patio - 80 m2

Alfresco Bliss with Scenic Views

Relax on the 80m2 patio, offering a perfect blend of dining space and direct sea and garden views. Unwind in style in this picturesque outdoor haven, where every moment becomes a scenic escape.

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Main Living Room - 70 m2

Elegance and Comfort Combined

Step into the grandeur of the 70m2 main living room, equipped with air conditioning, TV, a dinner table, and a fireplace. Revel in the beauty of garden and sea views as you enjoy the luxurious ambiance of this central living space.

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Pool Area - 60 m2

Refreshing Retreat with Scenic Vistas

Dive into bliss at the 60m2 pool area, featuring a barbecue area surrounded by a lush garden and sea views. Experience a tranquil escape as you bask in the beauty of Sounio at this idyllic retreat.

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