Escape to Outdoor Serenity

Alfresco Bliss at Sounio Villa

Discover the allure of alfresco living at Sounio Villa’s private patio. Nestled in the heart of Puntazeza, our 80m2 outdoor space provides the perfect blend of tranquility and scenic beauty. Immerse yourself in the serenity that surrounds you, creating unforgettable moments in this idyllic setting.

A Spacious Heaven for Relaxation

The 80m2 Patio Oasis

Step onto the expansive 80m2 patio at Sounio Villa and enter a world of relaxation. With a carefully designed layout, this outdoor oasis seamlessly combines dining space with breathtaking sea and garden views. Your private retreat awaits, promising a perfect blend of comfort and natural beauty.

Elevate Your Culinary Experience

Dining Delight on the Patio

Savor the pleasure of dining in style on our patio overlooking the pristine sea and lush gardens. The carefully chosen dining table adds an element of sophistication to your meals, creating an ambiance that enhances every culinary experience. At Sounio Villa, indulge in the joy of outdoor dining.


Nature's Canvas Unveiled

Direct Sea and Garden Views

The 80m2 patio offers more than just space; it provides a front-row seat to nature’s masterpiece. Whether gazing at the endless sea or enjoying the vibrant colors of the surrounding garden, every glance from the patio unfolds a new chapter in the captivating story of Sounio’s natural beauty.

Every Moment, a Scenic Escape

Unwind in Picturesque Style

As you unwind on the patio, every moment becomes a scenic escape at Sounio Villa. The carefully curated design and captivating views transform your outdoor experience into a picture-perfect retreat. Embrace the tranquility, and let the beauty of Puntazeza surround you.

Sounio Villa: Your Gateway to Outdoor Luxury

Puntazeza’s Premier Outdoor Heaven

In the heart of Puntazeza, Sounio Villa stands as the premier destination for those seeking outdoor luxury. The 80m2 patio is not just a space; it’s an invitation to experience the best of alfresco living. Come, immerse yourself in the charm of Sounio, where every corner tells a story of beauty and relaxation.