Luxurious Bedroom 3 at Sounio Villa

Coastal Elegance Unveiled

Experience the epitome of coastal elegance in Bedroom 3 at Sounio Villa. This lavish 12m2 space is designed for indulgence, offering a serene escape with a double bed, private balcony, and breathtaking direct sea views.

Luxury Living in Bedroom 3 - 12 m2

Sounio’s Opulent Retreat

Discover opulence in Bedroom 3, a 12m2 haven within Sounio Villa. This private retreat boasts a comfortable double bed, refreshing A/C, a charming balcony, and uninterrupted views of the sea. Immerse yourself in luxury and tranquility.

12 m2 Bedroom 3: A/C, Double Bed, and Sea Vistas

Double Comfort, Single View

Step into Bedroom 3 at Sounio Villa, a 12m2 sanctuary where comfort meets style. Enjoy a restful night on a double bed, stay cool with A/C, and wake up to a mesmerizing sea view from your private balcony. Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and luxury.

Bedroom 3's Balcony: Your Private Oasis

Balcony Bliss Overlooking Puntazeza

Escape to your private oasis in Bedroom 3 at Sounio Villa. With its own balcony, this 12m2 retreat invites you to bask in the beauty of Puntazeza. Unwind, relax, and soak in the coastal charm that surrounds you.

Awaken to Serenity in Bedroom 3 - 12 m2

Direct Sea View Delight

Embrace the tranquility of Bedroom 3 at Sounio Villa, where every morning begins with a direct sea view. This 12m2 space offers not just a room but an experience, with a double bed, A/C, and the calming sights of the sea right outside your window.

12 m2 of Bliss: Bedroom 3's Seafront Perspective

Puntazeza’s Charm from Bedroom 3

Immerse yourself in the charm of Puntazeza from Bedroom 3 at Sounio Villa. This 12m2 retreat, featuring a double bed, A/C, and a balcony with direct sea views, provides the perfect vantage point to appreciate the coastal beauty that defines Sounio Villa.